German helmet manufacturer, Schuberth, unveiled the M1 open face helmet at the AIMExpo yesterday.

Schuberth_M1The M1 is available in colors and is customizable via numerous faceshields and sun visor colors. The face shield is easily removable, and the graphite toned lining is available in an interchangeable coffee color, and the top vent cover can be changed from titanium color to matte black.

One of the more impressive features of the new M1 is the Snap-n-Play Schuberth Rider Communication System accessory. The M1 features built-in speakers, boomless microphone and antenna, and the SRC-System that snaps into place on the back of the helmet. Powered by Cardo, this optional upgrade pairs wirelessly with most Bluetooth devices to facilitate bike-to-bike communication, phone calls, GPS or music.

The Schuberth M1 will be available in North America in spring 2015 through Schuberth North America dealers or online at