CST Legion Motorcycle Tires

We checked out the CST Tires booth at AIMExpo and learned about three new off-road motorcycle tires – the Legion MX-VI, Legion Desert and Legion Trials.

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Legion MX-V1

CST LegionMX-VI Tire

CST calls the Legion MX-V1 an intermediate moto tire. It features long, varied tread patches designed for good hookup in a variety of soil conditions found on intermediate motocross tracks. CST says center tread knobs on the rear tire claw forward and clean out, while more tightly spaced shoulder knobs provide a stable platform for traction when leaned over. As well, CST boats that the uniquely shaped shoulder knobs on the front tire deliver “extreme braking traction and control” in cornering situations.

Legion Desert

CST Legion Desert Tire

Intended for rocky, desert terrain, CST says the Legion Desert tires combine a front tire with a consistent center tread for smooth rolling, paired with aggressive shoulder knobs for extra bite while turning and maintaining traction in sandy areas. The rear features a large contact patch, designed to keep more of the rubber hooked up on the ground.

Legion Trials

CST Legion Trials Tire

CST’s Legion Trials tire boasts ultra-soft rubber compounds and dynamic tread design. CST says this tire excels in a variety of applications including dirt, rocks, roots and gravel

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