Earlier this month, Yamaha released a video teasing a superport model announcement for EICMA that we expected to be an updated 2015 YZF-R1. At AIMExpo, Yamaha confirmed our suspicions with a new video starring Valentino Rossi and Josh Hayes and the tagline “We R1“.

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The video reveals a few brief glimpses of the R1, mostly as a blur beneath Rossi’s familiar yellow leathers. We do get  good glimpse of the new R1’s digital display reaching a speed of 262 kph (163 mph) in fifth gear. We also see a digital tach, selectable power modes and traction control. The SCS symbol in the bottom right is a bit of a mystery, perhaps representing an electronic “Suspension Control System” or possibly “Stability Control System”. There is another symbol along the top that looks like a shock reading “A-2” so that could be some form of electronic suspension control as well. Also visible are the acronyms QS (quickshifter?) LIF and on the right side is a meter showing front-and-rear weight distribution.


A quick look along the left side from an onboard camera reveals just a hint of the engine and fairing, but Yamaha is careful not to reveal too much.


The final detail is something people might miss if they stop playing the video too early. The video shows two slanted LED headlights illuminate in a pleasant hum before showing a link to www.Yamaha-We-R1.com where Yamaha will live stream its press launch at EICMA on Nov 3.



[Source: Yamaha]