It’s been a busy day for Yamaha, revealing a new YZF-R3 entry-level sportbike, the YZ250FX and WR250R off-road bikes and the SMax scooter on top of some 2015 Star models. And let’s not forget the new teaser for the 2015 R1. We’ve certainly been busy keeping up with the new model announcements, and we expect the people running Yamaha’s website were as well.

That would explain this image of the new (and still not-yet-announced) Yamaha FJ-09 that momentarily popped up on Yamaha’s official FZ-09 photo gallery page. The image has since been taken down from Yamaha’s site, but not before a member of the ADVRider forum downloaded a copy of it.

This marks the fourth time we’ve uncovered evidence of the new adventure-styled three-cylinder sport-tourer. First came the trademark application for the name FJ-09, then came the design patent which showed us what it’ll look like, followed by the certification documents from the California Air Resources Board that confirmed the FJ-09 was on its way to the U.S. for 2015.

Well now we know what the FJ-09 looks like in color, sporting a silvery-gray color. We’re sure Yamaha will have other color options available, but we’ll likely have to wait until EICMA in November for the official announcement. Unless of course we find something more ahead of time.

[Source: Yamaha via ADVRider]