Markbilt Racebikes, a renowned motorcycle tuner, has been named the exclusive North American distributor of the very unique SpeedAngle GMOS JI100 multi-function lap timer and motion data logger. Markbilt will debut the product Thursday, October 16 at the AIMExpo in Orlando, Florida, booth #214.

Not your ordinary lap timer, the SpeedAngle GMOS JI100 enables real-time, scientific analysis. According to SpeedAngle, displayed on the GMOS JI100’s 2-1/4-inch x 1-3/4-inch LCD screen is a unique lean angle meter needle that swings left and right during cornering of up to 69 degrees, g-forces of +/- 1.5G when on the gas and braking, along with an array of lap-timing features. Pre-loaded with a choice of maps for 14 American roadrace courses, its GPS technology constantly provides speed readouts, as well as tracing the bike’s path and exact location on the street or track.

But it’s not just a racetrack yardstick. The unit can be switched to a street-based mode, which shuts down the lap-recording functions, but still shows lean angle, g-force and speed information.

All of the data captured is logged and stored. Lap times can be seen on-screen after each session. This information and the motion data can be downloaded to a computer via USB with SpeedAngle software for later viewing.

These are just a few of the tricks the GMOS JI100 is capable of. The entire kit weighs just 15 ounces and comes with mounting hardware, instructions and a one-year warranty.

Retailing for $489, find out more by visiting or calling 856-506-8242.