Ducati sent out invitations to motorcycle media about an unveiling on Oct. 15 for something cryptically called “DVT“. No other details were provided, though the likely assumption is Ducati’s version of a variable valve timing system.

VVT isn’t a new technology for motorcycles. Perhaps the most well known example is the VFR800 which used Honda‘s VTEC (which stands for “Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control”) technology. Introduced to the VFR in 2002, VTEC employs only two of four valves in each cylinder at low engine speeds. When the rpms go high enough, the lifters on the other two valves activate.

Ducati’s owner Audi is no stranger to variable valve timing, adding its own twist on the concept with a variable valve lift system in 2008. The Audi Valvelist System uses a toothed camshaft with sliding sleeves offering different cam profiles. At full throttle, the cam profiles open the valves by 11 mm. At a lighter engine load, smaller cam profiles open the valves by 2mm or 5.7mm.

We’ll find out on Oct. 15 how Ducati might implement variable valve timing along with its signature desmodromic valve system. Ducati will likely introduce DVT on a new model, possibly on an updated Multistrada. Incidentally, the DVT announcement is scheduled for a day before AIMExpo where Ducati is scheduled to make a presentation. Until now, we expected Ducati to present the new Scrambler at the show, but now we may also see the first implementation of DVT.

[Source: Ducati]