InvisibleVin, by Passkey, is a covert identification mark. The product chemically brands an alpha numeric code by passing through the clear coat, paint, and primer to permanently embed the information onto the frame or body part of choice. Invisible under normal light, the phosphorescent mark is clearly seen when exposed to UV light.

Most stolen motorcycles are torn down and parted out, making the individual parts nearly impossible to find. With InvisibleVin police will be able to use these covert brands to find stolen bikes and bike parts, then hopefully trace them back to the thief.

“How do you deter a professional thief?  Make a system that’s difficult to circumvent,” says Passkey CEO, Brad Deveran. “We hope they (thieves) will move on to another unmarked vehicle that won’t take hours of sanding down the marks, because they can’t be painted over.”

PassKey will notify the local police when an authorized installer signs up to provide InvisibleVin to its customers, and will work with law enforcement to assist in investigations.

More information about InvisibleVin, AKA, Scorpion Mark, is at the product’s website, The company will also have a booth at the AIMExpo in Orlando next month.