Since 2005, Sabertooth Motorcycles has been creating tricked out V8-powered motorcycles and trikes ranging from 850 cc to 427 cu. in. Well, the expanding line of WildCat motorcycle models will gain two WildCat Trike siblings in the near future: the WildCat e andWildCat m.

The WildCat e will be powered by an 850cc overhead cam Weber parallel Twin engine. The purpose-built WildCat cradle trike frame will carry 6.0 gallons of fuel. The beefier WildCat m will benefit from a 350 hp, 302 cu. in. Ford Racing V8 power plant. Assisting with the m’s power delivery will be Ford Racing GT–40 cylinder heads. The m’s WildCat cradle frame also receives a removable spine, presumably to ease installation and removal of the massive engine. Finally, it will carry 10.0 gallons of go-juice.


Both trike lines will roll with WildCat patented SureTrac and DynaGrip technologies. SureTrac’s Rear-Wheel-Steering-systemincreases the stability of the three-wheeler while reducing the effort required to turn. The DynaGrip Active Suspension Systemimproves the trikes’ handling when compared to traditional independent rear suspensions. The comfort of the ride also benefits from this technology.

Inferno - Right Front Quarter View

“We can’t wait for these trikes to debut,” says Sabertooth Motorcycles Founder Ben Daniels, “because we believe they will revolutionize the trike market. Up until now, all conventional trikes have been based on a motorcycle conversion. WildCat trikes are the first truly purpose-built conventional trikes on the market. Engine choices, weight distribution, geometry, and center of gravity have all been optimized for a 3-wheel vehicle. Additionally, WildCat trikes have suspension, stability, and steering enhancements that improve both safety and performance for a truly exceptional riding experience.”

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