Whether you watch it for the bikes, violence, drama, or even the reincarnation of Peg Bundy (Katey Sagal) as the matriarch of a biker gang, Sons Of Anarchy fans, your wait for the seventh, and final season of SOA is finally over. Sons of Anarchy will premier tonight, September 9, at 10pm on the FX network.

After the brutal death of his wife, Tara Knowles Teller, Jax Teller is out for revenge. In the one hour and 45 minute long premier episode, “The Black Widower,” the stage is set for what is sure to be a violent season full of killing sprees as Jax sets out for vengeance.

There are sure to be lots of twists and turns, but judging from the trailer below, there won’t be any shortage of action or drama. Considering this is the final season, you can be sure of some big surprises as well.

Show creator, Kurt Sutter, has also promised fans that this, the seventh and final season, will be the most violent and bloodiest SOA season yet. Click here to watch the premier episode online, or you can stream the episode live by clicking here.