This just in from AGV:

At the official test in Sepang last winter, Valentino Rossi amazed everyone with a brand new helmet for the first laps of 2014. As usual, “The Doctor” showcased a designed that made the entire paddock chuckle.

After the more conservative yellow and gray AGV Pista GP, which he wore during the last year’s Winter Test to match the color scheme of his bike, the new helmet, which was exclusively created for the Malaysia track, is anything but conservative.

The designer, Aldo Drudi, included the famous Sun and Moon symbol Valentino carried during the 2013 World Championship Series. This time, however, he inverted things by 180°, with the front and rear apparently the same. From behind it looks as if Valentino’s face is peering out from behind the visor, almost as if to taunt his rivals. Seemingly saying, “I have my eyes on you,” the Italian appeared to be clearly stating his intention to get back in the game.

For the first time, we’ll also see the logo of the world’s biggest energy drink on the chin guard and sides of a Rossi replica helmet. The unique and captivating M of Monster Energy is shown in lime-green stylized flames, with white shading around the edges. Vale has been sponsored by Monster Energy since 2009, when he was one of the company’s first European motorsports stars. At that time, the president of Monster Energy said, “‘Striving for greatness’ has always been our motto and we share this belief with a true champion—Rossi.”

The Corsa is a supersport helmet that combines the performance of the Pista GP with street-riding characteristics such as adjustable ventilation and improved comfort without having to forgo the performance standards of the GP version. Both Pista GP and Corsa are AGV Extreme Standards Helmets. This innovative process revolutionizes helmet design with the simple aim of demonstrably improving protection, ergonomics, comfort, reliability and environmental impact.

Made in Italy and environmentally conscience: the Pista GP and Corsa are both designed and made in Italy by highly qualified craftsmen using state-of-the-art technology. Furthermore, both helmets are manufactured using the most efficient technologies developed, with great effort in protecting the environment. Waterjet technology is used to cut the carbon fiber shells, the painting system uses eco-compatible water-based paints, and a dust-suppression/residue-treatment system is in operation throughout the entire factory.

A Corsa limited edition replica is now available for $999.95. To order, visit your usual AGV retailer. Distributed in North America through Dainese USA and Parts Unlimited. For more information, visit the AGV website.