The name might sound a bit, uh, nutty, but Nutcase Helmets, a recognized designer of lifestyle sports helmets, is gearing up for the spring with the global launch of MOTO, the brand’s first widely-available collection of scooter, moped and motorcycle helmet designs.

With a name like Nutcase, it’s no surprise the brand is known for its signature tongue-in-cheek graphics with performance that has made the brand a global hit with bike nuts, water sports fans, snowboarders and skaters.

Available in the spring of 2014, the MOTO line includes eight eye-catching designs – Stumptown Woody, Hypnotic, Americana, Modern Argyle, Union Jack, Retro Racer, Salt, and Pepper. Each helmet comes ready for daily use, featuring an ABS hard shell and Expanded Polystyrene protective inner foam for impact protection with two front intake vents. Removable ear pads, standard with every helmet, provide additional fit customization while smart features such as a quick-release, easy-use buckle and deluxe soft roll neck offer both practicality and comfort on the road. All MOTO helmets are DOT and ECE dual-certified, feature the iconic “I Love My Brain” and “Helmet Guy” logos and come with a Nutcase branded helmet cinch bag.

“Nutcase is moving into the fast lane in all senses,” says Michael Morrow, Nutcase founder and CEO. “We are no longer just a bike category brand. With our expansion in the snow, water and skate categories and now the addition of MOTO, we’re proud to say we’re helping people express their unique style and stay safe wherever they choose to get outside and have fun or go about their daily commute.”

Available in four sizes, Small (55-56cm), Medium (57-58cm), Large (59-60cm) & X-Large (61cm) owners of MOTO helmets will also be able to match whichever nutty design they choose with an anti-scratch shield available in two sizes and three colors. Each shield works on a simple pivot system and can be easily removed for cleaning or switching to a different color.

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