There’s a lot going on in the world of three-wheelers. From Can-Am’s Spyder to Polaris’s Slingshot, and Travertson’s recently announced Striker, we have a sudden abundance of reverse trikes from which to choose. Joining the fray early next Spring is Scorpion. The difference being where the others are OEM production models, the Scorpion is a kit that transforms a stock Harley-Davidson V-Rod into a reverse trike.

Scorpion_Trike_rearSpecifics are few for now, but according to Scorpion the kit will supposedly retail somewhere in the $5k vicinity. Scorpion says the initial kit is purpose-built for Harley-Davidson’s V-Rod, with tentative plans to diversify into FL models and possibly other models in the future. Unknown is whether Scorpion will require the kits to be installed by an authorized Harley-Davidson dealership or if garage mechanics can perform their own installation.

The kit was created by Superior Design. More about the Scorpion Trike can be at their website or at