What does a motorcyclist who has multiple TV shows on the HGTV network do on the weekends to unwind? If you’re Anthony Carrino, one of the two cousins in three successful DIY shows featuring the word cousins (Kitchen CousinsCousins on Call, and Cousins Undercover), you combine your passion for motorcycling with your knack for television and produce a web series about your motorcycle adventures to unusual locations. While only two episodes of Carrino’s Out of the Way are currently online, the under four minute shorts give viewers a good idea of what to expect in the future.

The first, “Motorcycle Racetrack Fuels Anthony Carrino’s Inner Speed Demon,” centers on a visit to Wilzig Racing ManorAlan Wilzig’s private, 2.75 mi. 11 turn road course on his 275-acre property in Taghkanic, NY. Carrino and Wilzig tour the garage with its largest collection of Bimotas in the US and exotic automobiles before taking to the track on bikes and shifter carts.

The second episode of Out of the Way, “Hudson Whiskey Gets a Visit from Superfan Anthony Carrino,” opens with our host dropping by the distillery that produces his favorite bourbon, proving that Carrino has an appreciation for the finer things in life. While the whiskey distilling process is interesting and involves some lovely hardware, the real takeaway from this webisode is that Hudson Whiskey is opening a B&B which will allow other riders to enjoy an evening of sampling the distillery’s wares and not worry about getting back on a bike afterwards.

After viewing the two shows on ulive.com, we’re interested in seeing what else Carrino has in store for us. He promises it’ll be interesting and “Out of the Way.” Visit the show’s ulive.com page for more episodes.