Romanian author Dan A. Tano has released his third novel, My Life on the Hayabusa. 100.000 km on a motorcycle, in both English and Romanian versions which are now available on Tano, a motorcycle enthusiast, wrote this novel “on the border between reality and fiction, in memory of a biker friend, whose life was cut short too early, and because of the negative labels attributed to bikers around the world.”

Set against the backdrop of the scenic Romanian countryside, the novel follows the journey of discovery of a rider, his motorcycle and his riding friends.

“(…) Hayabusa is a legend. I knew the legend, studied it, and fully assimilated it. And then, within minutes, I was on the verge of taming it (…) In over thousands of miles spent together, we were able to help each other, to get out of dangerous situations and to enjoy the qualities in each of us. We both were living a dream. ”