We know we’re preaching to the choir, here, but motorcycles suffer from a visibility problem out on the mean streets of the world. With car drivers having an ever-increasing number of distractions fighting for their immediate attention, riders need to find ways to reach through the visual clutter and grab drivers’ attention. Brake light modulators have been around for a while and have provided many variations of pulsing and flashing the brake light and/or turn signals. These attract attention to a slowing motorcycles and are a good thing.

Until GearBrake, however, these brake light modulators have depended on the rider applying the brakes to start flashing. GearBrake’s patent-pending design detects deceleration from any cause – be it rolling off the throttle, downshifting, rolling over an errant gopher, you name it! This is important because, as more and more people grow up driving nothing but fuel-efficient automatic transmissions that basically freewheel when the gas pedal is released, drivers are less familiar with engine braking. So, when GearBrake detects deceleration, it flashes the bike’s brake light.

To see the product in action, take a look at GearBrake’s video.

The Louisville, KY company has already attracted the attention of the Kentucky Innovation Network Office, which selected GearBrake to represent the Louisville region in the statewide Kentucky Angel Investors Network competition scheduled for later this year.

GearBrake retails for $69 directly from the company and select retail outlets.

[Source: GearBrake]