As the only pieces of your motorcycle (or bicycle) actually in contact with the ground, tires play a vital role in your safety while on two wheels. With the proper care and maintenance, tires can last a long time and perform at their best. However, not everyone remembers to take care of their bikes. That’s where the CycleAT comes in.

Before we go any further, it’s worth mentioning that this is a Kickstarter project. Meaning, unless RDV Labs, creators of the CycleAT, don’t reach their $80,000 goal by 2:12am PST on September 20, the CycleAT won’t see the light of day.

So what is the CycleAT? In short, it’s a Bluetooth tire sensor that allows motorcyclists and bicyclists to monitor their tire pressure, temperature, and motion data all in real time. The CycleAT also can record and map your ride. To use the CycleAT, simply screw it atop the tire valves of your preferred tw0-wheeled vehicle. From there, pair your smartphone with the CycleAT via Bluetooth…and you’re done. Now the device will be in constant communication with your phone, via visual or audio notifications, keeping you up to date on the condition of your tires. 

There are numerous sensors buried inside the CycleAT, meaning its functionality goes way beyond simply monitoring tire pressure. Temperature sensors are especially important to motorcyclists, as a cold tire can mean the difference between staying up right or crashing. In addition, its lean angle sensor can provide important information for any rider looking to improve their skillset.

At the moment, the CycleAT app is only available for iOS platforms, but an Android version is said to be on its way. But again, if $80,000 isn’t reached, this whole plan gets scrapped (at press time, the CycleAT currently has raised $15,542 with 56 days left).

To learn more about the CycleAT, visit its Kickstarter page and watch the video below.