Energica, the Italian manufacturer creating buzz in the electric motorcycle world for its Ego model, has partnered with Chargepoint, to provide riders access to over 18,300 EV charging stations worldwide.

If you aren’t familiar with the Energica Ego, E-i-C Kevin Duke rode the prototype in Italy some months back. He also took a spin on a production unit here on home soil just last weekend. Click here to see what he thought about it.

Until now, Chargepoint has worked exclusively with the automotive market in regards to partnerships. However, according to Erin Mellon, Chargepoint’s Communications Director, this is because no other electric motorcycle brand has approached them. “Energica actively pursued our involvement,” she says. “We are more than happy to partner with any and all electric vehicle makers.”

Energica says upon receiving their Ego, owners will be given a Driver Kit (yes, we agree it should have been called a Rider Kit), which will allow them instant access to the Chargepoint network. While a Chargepoint membership is already free, there’s typically a wait time to receive your card before you can begin charging. With the Driver Kit, Mellon says Ego owners will get two free membership cards, allowing them immediate access to charging stations. Also provided are instructions that walks riders through how and where to charge.

Visit the Energica website for more details on the Ego. You can also visit the Chargepoint website for more information on its extensive charging network and member benefits.