New fitments from Arrow exhaust are now available for the 2014 Honda VFR 800F. The new exhaust applications include Arrow Race-Tech and Arrow Pro-Racing exhausts, both available from SpeedMob, Arrow’s North American distributor.

Arrow Honda VFR800 2

The Race-Tech silencer was the first Arrow silencer made with a diamond shape, rather than the standard round/elliptical shape. The innovative diamond shape design allows Arrow to reduce the silencer’s dimensions, while keeping the same overall internal cross-section. This design makes it possible to significantly reduce the weight without compromising the inner volume that keeps noise at an acceptable level without choking down the performance gains.

Internals of the silencers are of TIG welded stainless steel construction and the “wet” sections (those involved in the exhaust gas flow) are optimized through strict dimensional control of these areas. The final engineering feature of the Race-Tech exhaust is the design of the rear end-caps and the exhaust tip; these components are specifically designed to work in conjunction to allow the exhaust to run turbulence free and to reduce negative effects of counter-pressure (back-pressure).

For the 2014 Honda VFR 800F Interceptor, the Race-Tech silencer sleeves are available in titanium, carbon fiber, aluminum and “dark” aluminum with end caps available in steel and carbon fiber.The Race-Tech VFR 800F exhausts also include a removable baffle (dB-killer) for optimum sound control.

Arrow Honda VFR800

This “trumpet-style” silencer has had incredible success. Although originally designed for smaller displacement bikes, customers have requested fitments for larger bikes. Due to this demand Arrow designed a silencer that would increase the inner volume of the original Pro-Race silencer and thus the Pro-Racing product line was born.

It is designed with a final section diameter of 106mm to create sufficient inner volume. This design is extremely flexible (fitments are available with either a single cone or dual cone-shaped sections welded together), this allows Arrow’s R&D department to develop an exhaust that blends perfectly with the bike’s design.

For the 2014 Honda VFR 800F, the Pro-Racing sleeve is made of TIG welded stainless steel technology. The end caps are available in steel or carbon carbon finish. The Pro-Racing silencer also includes a removable baffle (dB-killer) for optimum sound control. 

For more information or to place an order, please contact SpeedMob at (510) 232-4040 or email [email protected].