Thieves suck. Unfortunately, as so many components on a motorcycle are exposed to the elements — and thieves — when we step away from the bike for a moment, something like a GPS device can be an easy target for theft. Touratech has the answer with the locking mount designed exclusively for Garmin’s new Zumo 590LM GPS. It gives riders the confidence to momentarily leave their bikes unattended. It also provides a tenacious grip on the device and absorbs damaging vibration.

Constructed from lightweight aluminum and tough stainless steel, the $184.90 Touratech Zumo 590 Locking Mount weighs just 13 ounces, is 4.75 inches tall, 5.5 inches wide and 3 inches deep. Available in black or silver anodized finishes, it is used in conjunction with Garmin’s power cradle.

The mount grasps the GPS with upper and lower jaws, opening them wide using elastic-band tension. For security and peace of mind when paying for gas or enjoying a meal, it disables the cradle’s release button to prevent tampering when the mount is closed. Safely in place, the GPS is locked in with the turn of a key. A pair of keys, which can be matched to other Touratech products, is provided.

Isolated from engine vibration and road shock with four rubber dampers, the rugged locking unit is ready for road riding and detouring off the beaten path. It was designed to attach to ½-inch crossbars, bracket adapters, RAM mounts and similar devices that affix electronic accessories to motorcycles. Don’t have a GPS yet? Touratech offers a package discount for purchasing the 590LM and locking mount together.

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