Electric motorcycle racing enthusiasts are nothing if not determined. After the apparent fall of the TTXGP, Rupal Patel, logistics goddess for the series, took it upon herself to keep the push for e-bike racing alive. As a result, MotoE was created, to pick up where the TTXGP left off.

For a few years at least, it looked as though the TTXGP would be a unifying force in global electric racing, with three divisions — in Europe, Australia, and the United States — all competing to crown a global winner as the regional winners would convene for a showdown. But then the Australian series was cancelled, followed the next year by the U.S. series. Now, it seems as though the series has taken an indefinite hiatus (the TTXGP website is still live, but hasn’t seen any activity since last year).

The MotoE series is comprised of five rounds across some of Europe’s most popular tracks, including Assen in the Netherlands, Hockenheim in Germany and Donington Park in the UK. The Rules page on the website is still under construction, but expect it to be similar to TTXGP, where prototypes and production machines will both be encouraged to compete under separate classes.

Visit the MotoE website for more information.