MotoPumpsMiniPro Tire Inflater

New to the scene, MotoPumps, has announced a cleverly designed 12-volt-powered air pump created specifically for powersports enthusiasts. The Mini Pro Tire Inflator is a compact, all-in-one air pump to take care of everyday needs, like adjusting tire pressure or topping off suspension components.

The lightweight pump weighs in at just 18 ounces and measures just 2 inches thick, 4.75 inches tall, 5.75 inches long – a size easily tucked into a tank bag or saddlebag. The pump is strong enough to bring most motorcycle tires up to 36 psi in a mere three minutes. The built-in, backlit pressure gauge reads up to 50 psi in two-pound increments. Surprisingly, the pump only draws 5 amps while it fills those black, round, rubber things so dear to us.

The cord plugs in to cigarette-lighter-type plugs and can also clip directly to battery terminals. The pump’s circuitry is protected by patented Integrated Polarity Protection Circuit that has a warning light for crossed polarity. The 3.5 foot air hose coils directly into the pump’s chassis.

The retail price is $69.99 for the Basic Kit and increases to $79.99 Deluxe Kit with a neoprene case.

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