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Getting caught out in a sudden rain storm might be one of the worst experiences as a motorcyclist. More than likely, you’re not dressed for a wet ride, and even if you have a rain suit, carrying it with you can be cumbersome. What’s a rider to do? Thankfully, Stefano Mangini has developed a rather clever solution. Now he needs your help to bring it to life.

Mangini’s invention is named the Funnell and is, essentially a waterproof backpack with a waterproof jacket built-in. During normal riding, the jacket stays tucked away in its own dedicated compartment, while the rest of the backpack carries your things. In the event of a shower, simply pull on the drawstrings (while at a stop, of course) attached to each strap of the backpack to unveil the jacket. The integrated design encapsulates both you and the pack for complete protection from the rain, and you never have to take the backpack off in the process.

Thoughts for creating something like the Funnell first crossed Mangini’s mind after traveling, via motorcycle, from China to Italy and getting caught out in several storms. He’d either forget to bring a rain suit, or it was packed away so deep, by the time he could pull over and dig for it he was already soaked. This was the perfect solution to always have a rain cover ready while being able to haul everyday items like a computer, tablet or papers at the same time.

Originally meant for motorcyclists, the Funnell now comes in two versions. The Sport appeals to those with an active lifestyle, while the City, and its more upscale look, is aimed towards professionals or city dwellers. Either can be used on or off a motorcycle, bicycle, or even just walking.

Constructed from breathable and waterproof materials, the Funnell is functional activewear for people on the go. YKK zippers are strong and durable, seams are taped and exterior zippers are waterproof as well.

All this sounds good, right? Yes, but Mangini needs your help. In order to see the Funnell see mass production, the project is now live on the crowd-funding site Kickstarter. Click here to visit the donation page and help reach the $43,000 goal by Sunday, Aug. 31 at 4:55am PDT. You can also learn much more about the Funnell by visiting the site as well. Be sure to catch the video below to hear Mangini’s call for backers.