The Why We Ride Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by composer Steven Gutheinz is now on sale. The soundtrack is available for purchase through Amazon and iTunes and can also be heard on various streaming services including Rdio, Rhapsody, Spotify and more.

“Music plays such an important role in film by setting the mood and conveying emotions,” said Director/Producer Bryan H. Carroll. “Steven’s work on the Why We Ride score is a piece of art in its own right and we couldn’t be happier with how the audio and visuals came together in the film.”

The score was written by film and television composer Steven Gutheinz and was performed by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. It runs just over an hour and twenty minutes in length and the 24 tracks follow the progression of the movie.

“We’re excited to share Steven’s wonderful score with our fans,” said Producer James Walker. “Steven’s music works perfectly with the visuals in the film, and paints such vivid pictures that it is extremely enjoyable to listen to this work independently from the film as well.”

“I’m inspired by visuals, and there were so many great visual moments in this film and, of course, they all involve a motorcycle,” said Composer Steven Gutheinz. “Structure is such a huge part of composing music, and to see a film laid out like that and to hear the director describe in detail his vision for the music was inspiring.”

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