Yamaha re-iterated plans it will produce more Leaning-Multi-Wheel vehicles during the official Japanese launch event for the three-wheeled Tricity scooter. Yamaha had previously announced the Tricity would be just the first in a new series of vehicles during the scooter’s launch in Thailand, but the company has now revealed how they will differ from each other.

Hiroyuki Yanagi, president and chief executive officer of Yamaha Motor Co., at the Japanese launch event, the company will produce several more vehicles using the same leaning mechanism to cover a range of uses, finding a balance between leisure and commuter vehicles and between sports and utility.


As the presentation slide above shows, the Tricity falls close to the middle of the LMW family, with a slight bias towards commuting and utility. Sportier models may presumably use larger engines than the Tricity’s 125cc Single.

Yamaha’s LMW mechanism uses a parallelogram link design to allow the two front wheels to tilt while maintaining a constant distance between them. Each front wheel has its own cantilever telescopic fork, with the tubes running on the inside of the wheel.

YAMAHA TRICITY Launch And Test-Ride Event

[Source: Yamaha; launch event photos by Getty Images]