Victory Motorcycles is increasing its presence among police deparments in the country. The latest agency to join the Victory ranks is the Daytona Beach Police Department, which will receive its fleet of 12 Victorys on October 1, when the current contract with Harley-Davidson expires.

From a Victory newsletter, the switch occurred because, “after testing the 2014 Victory Commander I in head-to-head comparisons, Daytona Beach PD unanimously selected the Victory Commander I and stated the performance, braking, lack of engine heat, Officer safety and comfort, as well as enormous storage space and reliability contributed to their decision.”  The Commander I is based in the Victory Cross Country.

“Every other year our agency ordered new motorcycles, and we were at the mercy of whatever new advances were made to the bike itself, which usually wasn’t much,” said highly decorated DBPD Traffic Unit Officer Jason Kilker.

“By contrast, Victory Police Motorcycles provided a two-page checklist of law enforcement-only options that were available for our officers to select what suited them best. These options included, but were not limited to, full-size AR-15 rifle racks, heated grips, and a mind-blowing LED light package that no one can match.”

Victory Police Motorcycles (VPM), based in Arizona, is known for converting various different Victory platforms into ideal police motorcycles, with options available to suit the specific needs of the agency.  The VPM staff typically equips a Victory Cross Country, Cross Roads, or Victory Vision with equipment such as lights, radio, and siren, a secondary battery to power that electronic equipment, and custom paint that features the agency’s logo. Additional accessories can include tip-over protection, a skid plate, firearms and radar gun holsters, alternate windshield styles, and more.

For the Daytona Beach PD, their Victory Motorcycles will include the new Escort package, which brings:

●  Front fender turn signals
●  Rear side turn signals
●  Windshield brow lights
●  Dual color engine guard and fairing lights

Learn more by going to the Victory Police Motorcycles website.