Northern California trackday enthusiasts should be excited: Thunderhill Raceway Park, a racetrack we’ve gone to a few times for various tests, despite its eight-hour schlep from our SoCal base, has just completed its two-mile track expansion! The new course, officially known as “Thunderhill West,” can be run independently from the main track, as it has its own pit space and entrance. However, the real fun is combining the two courses together to get the five-mile “Thunderschleife” circuit.

In this video, ride along with Charles Almy, aboard his sweet-sounding GSX-R450, as he takes you on a fast (and long!) lap around the Thunderschleife during the first motorcycle trackday held at the course. Thunderhill was already one of our favorite tracks. Now, with the new West course, we can’t wait to come back for our next sportbike shootout.