British brand Hesketh has officially launched its limited edition tribute to its Formula 1 roots and the start of a new generation of motorcycles.

The Hesketh 24 was originally supposed to be ready in February but after encountering some delays, the 1950cc V-Twin is ready to go. Hesketh is only producing 24 units, but the company says it has plans for a two-seat sport-touring model based on the same platform.


The 24 was developed and designed by Paul Sleeman, who purchased the Hesketh brand in 2010.  The Hesketh 24 is powered by a 1950cc air-cooled S&S X-Wedge engine modified by British tuners Harris Performance Engines. Hesketh says it is offering customers a choice of three different engine tuning options, with the top level tuning claiming 123 hp at 6000 rpm and 145 ft-lb. at 3000 rpm.

One unique feature is the 6-gallon fuel capacity stored in three separate tanks including one located under the seat and another under the engine.

The bodywork is inspired by Hesketh’s 1975 308 F1 race car that James Hunt drove to victory in the Dutch Grand Prix. Hunt went on to win the F1 World Championship for McLaren in 1976, a season formed the basis for the 2013 film Rush.

The Hesketh 24 comes equipped with Ohlins suspension, Beringer brake, BST carbon fiber wheels, Renthal Fatbar and a nappa leather seat. The Hesketh uses a keyless ignition system similar to the handsfree system on the Ducati Diavel. To start the 24, the rider must have the transponder fob within about 20 inches from a sensor mounted under the seat.


The Hesketh 24 is priced at a hefty £35,000 (US$59,400), but hopefully future Hesketh models will come at a much more affordable price.

[Source: Hesketh]