Yamaha Motor Europe has announced another variant on the MT-09 platform (FZ-09 for us in North America). Following the original model and the Street Rally comes the new Yamaha MT-09 Sport Tracker (Yamaha originally announced the name “Street Tracker” but apparently decided to change the name.) Unfortunately it looks like the Sport Tracker will be a special edition variant only available in Europe, though many of the parts may be available in Yamaha’s part catalog.

Created by a Yamaha dealership and now being mass produced, the MT-09 Sport Tracker was revealed exactly a year after Yamaha first announced the MT-09. In that time, Yamaha has added the Street Rally version, the twin-cylinder MT-07 and the entry-level MT-125 before revealing the Sport Tracker.

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The new scrambler-inspired model (or “urban scrambler” as Yamaha describes this street-only machine) is mechanically similar to the MT-09 but adds a number of aluminum and carbon components. The aluminum number plates on the side contribute to a track-inspired style, as does the aluminum headlight cowling which also provides a bit more wind protection.

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The new two-tone seat has a brown leather top and black “Alcantara-look” sides. Its shape is long and flatter than the regular MT-09’s seat. Along with the new knee grips and wider footrests, Yamaha says the Sport Tracker allows riders to better shift their weight during acceleration, braking and cornering.


Other changes from the base MT-09 include wider aluminum handlebars, short carbon front fender with aluminum stays, a matte black frame, matte bronze wheels and a matte gray paint job.

The engine is the same 850cc Triple used on the base MT-09 but with a bronze-colored cylinder head. Performance specifications are identical, with Yamaha claiming 113.5 hp at 10,000 rpm and 64.5 ft-lb. at 8500 rpm. The Sport Tracker comes standard with the MT-09’s stubby exhaust but an Akrapovic exhaust exiting next to the tail is available as an option.


Suspension and braking systems are also the same. The telescopic fork offers 137mm of travel while the link-type rear shock offers 130mm of give. The dual front 298mm brake discs are gripped by radial-mount calipers.

[Source: Yamaha]