It took more than a year for the Yamaha Champions Riding School to sell out at its former location of Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah. Since its return at New Jersey Motorsports Park, the school has sold out in less than a half of season.

There are any number of reasons this could be the case. A big reason is because of the rave reviews coming from our students after they take the class. Take, for example, this one from the owner of his own military combat school (click here), or the one from our first ever “never ridden a motorcycle at all in his life student” who was on track trail braking within a day.  His testimonial is here.

There is only one spot left for the June 12-13 class so YCRS is now focusing on its next schools in July. July 14-15 or 16-17 are the next dates so check your schedule and pick the dates that are best for you.

Here is the remainder of the YCRS schedule…

2 Days. Monday, 07/14 (Lightning) – Tuesday, 07/15 (Thunderbolt)

2 Days. Wednesday 07/16 (Thunderbolt) – Thursday, 07/17 (Lightning)

3 Days.  Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday 08/12 -14 (3 Day school with dirt track)

2 Days. Thursday, 08/28 (Thunderbolt) – Friday, 08/29 (Lightning)

2 Days. Monday, 09/15 (Lightning) – Tuesday, 09/16 (Thunderbolt)

2 Days. Thursday, 09/18 (Thunderbolt) – Friday, 09/19 (Lightning)

2 Days. Monday,10/06 (Lightning) – Tuesday, 10/07 (Thunderbolt)

2 Days.  Wednesday, 10/08 (Thunderbolt)- Thursday, 10/09 (Lightning)

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