While some of you may think that the old saw about finding rare, valuable motorcycles in barns is an urban (rural?) legend, Velocity TV’s popular show What’s in the Barn? proves that these finds still out there, waiting to be uncovered. On Tuesday, June 10th, in celebration of the beginning of the show’s 2014 season, Velocity will broadcast back-to-back episodes of What’s in the Barn? at10:00 and 10:30 PM ET/PT.

What’s in the Barn? follows the travels of “America’s foremost guardian of motorcycle history,” Dale Walksler and his son Matt. When it comes to historic motorcycle credentials, Walksler can walk the walk. As curator of The Wheels Through Time Museum, Walksler has uncovered many two-wheeled rarities, acquired them for the museum and set out to make them functional again. Yes, this museum is filled with working motorcycles. Currently, the museum claims ”300 of America’s rarest classic motorcycles” are displayed at its Maggie Valley, N.C. Don’t worry that these motorcycles are just displayed and never ridden, Walksler and his son even race some of them.

The seasons first two episodes look to be both fascinating and exciting for motorcycle lovers. “A Diamond in Dodge City” follows a trip to a family farm in the mid-west to look at “what might be the biggest stash of undiscovered old motorcycles in the country.” “Biker Lore” covers Walksler’s efforts to track down and purchase for the museum the Road Dog, ”the largest motorcycle ever built.” This beast was built “mid–1960s by eccentric engineer ’Wild Bill’ Gelbke” and features components like ”aircraft tubing, Corvette disc brakes and a Chevy truck differential to keep it stable.” Other show titles include: “Home Depot’s Wounded Warrior,” “Vegas Payday,” and “Orphan Bikes.”

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[Source: Velocity TV]