Exciting news in the world of motorcycle roadracing in the U.S. —  The WERA Pro Series is resurrected – featuring the North American Formula Open Class. A ten round motorcycle roadracing series, it will be televised in it’s entirety on MAVTV in 2015.  Winters Film Group will be producing the ten round WERA Pro Series from tracks across America!

For the WERA North American Formula Open class the answer is “yes!” Yes, you can run that displacement machine.  Yes, you can run that motor.  And, yes, you can be on television and race with the whole world watching! The goal with the series is to have as few “restrictions” as possible and keep the class competitive for all who race in it.

“I think people are tired of rules right now. Do this. Do that. No, you can’t do that. It must be this way. I believe there will be great interest in the WERA North American Formula Open Class among pro racers, pro teams and the viewing public,” said Producer Paul Winters. Winters was the co-producer and director of the original Formula USA Motorcycle Roadracing Television Series that ran on Prime Network. It was the first ever full season coverage of an American motorcycle roadracing series ever, and the show pioneered on-bike cameras in the days before GoPros.”

“With this opportunity, WERA Motorcycle Roadracing will again provide a series for pro racers as well as the Pro-Am racer looking for a career in this sport. The WERA North American Formula Open Class will provide an arena for those riders who look outside the box or just want to showcase their machines. The 600cc Superstock class will be the other Pro Class featured and we will also give attention to the up and coming riders with a small feature on the Formula 3 Class. There will also be support classes for those aspiring to move up in the world of motorcycle roadracing. We are working at getting purses in place and are already providing riders the opportunity to get some support by providing them with a great television package!” said Evelyne Clarke, owner of WERA Motorcycle Roadracing, Inc.

“Excitement is what we hear when we talk to riders and teams about this new series and the television coverage, “say Winters and Clarke.  “WERA Motorcycle Roadracing is back on TV in a big way and we are happy to be a part of providing this to the riders in the US.  Let’s do this!”