Each MotoGP round, Brembo interesting information regarding each track’s braking characteristics, based on data received from all of their riders. This week, following the French round of the series, the topic is the Le Mans circuit. Famous for its 24-hour car race, a shortened version of the track hosts MotoGP machines and provides many challenges to the riders.


Looking at the track map above, you can see the Le Mans circuit isn’t like other circuits. There’s only one true hard-braking corner (turn 10), as the front straight bends into turn 1, scrubbing off speed slightly.

What’s interesting is that the riders spend a quarter of their time on the brakes, decelerating 1.3g, and producing 6.8kWh of energy during the course of a race. Click on the picture above to view a bigger version. What factoids stand out? Let us know what you find interesting about the infographic in the comments below.