Lightning Superbike LS-218 Unveiled At Quail Motorcycle Gathering

Lightning Motorcycles has unveiled its flagship electric motorcycle, the LS-218, at the Quail Motorcycle Gathering this weekend in Carmel, California. After its successful debut at the Quail, Lightning CEO, Richard Hatfield, is more excited than ever to get production bikes to customers.

“The Quail event is incredible. Gordon McCall’s Quail Motorcycle Gathering provided Lightning an unparalleled opportunity to meet with the most knowledgeable and passionate motorcycle enthusiasts in the world and obtain their feedback on our styling preview,” Hatfield said.

For those unfamiliar with Lightning, a pre-production version of the LS- 218 superbike, which I rode in 2012, was the first electric motorcycle to exceed 200 at Bonneville setting a two way average of 215mph with a top speed through the timing lights of 218mph. Lightning made history when the same bike won first overall at the Pikes Peak International Hill climb. This was the first event where an electric vehicle competed and won a world class motorsports event racing against the best internal combustion bikes in the world.” said Richard Hatfield. “This year the Lightning team is focused on our biggest challenge yet. We are taking our race proven technology to market and pursuing a win in the market place.”

Lightning is taking reservations right now. Base models start at $38,888. Visit to reserve your own Lightning LS-218 today.