The AGV Corsa helmet recently earned another important distinction when the influential British certification board SHARP (Safety Helmet and Assessment Rating Programme) granted the model its maximum five-star rating.

This helmet, which is a member of the AGV Extreme Standard Helmets family, is now listed among the 321 safest helmets in the world.

The five-star certification is defined by the British Department of Transport, and it represents the body’s highest mark for safety. SHARP assigns this important rating by means of an independent evaluation system that subjects helmets to safety-criteria tests without involving the manufacturers. The Corsa used in the test was an ECE model that was obtained from a UK dealership (U.S. models are DOT/ECE-certified).

Significantly, the British Department has determined that 50 lives per year could be saved in the UK if all riders used helmets that received the top SHARP rating.

The Corsa helmet earned this important certification thanks in part to AGV’s Extreme Standard Helmets design system, which defines new standards for safety, ergonomics and comfort. The Corsa design process begins with the components that are directly in contact with the head, and then works outward to the final shell.