May 15, 2014
| On 9 years ago

Spike Strip Found On Colorado Trail, US Forest Service Issues Warning

A spike strip found on a single-track trail in the Pike National Forest on May 5, has prompted an investigation by the US Forest Service. Individuals with information regarding the spike strip or any other booby traps should contact the Forest Service to leave a message on the Forest Service Law Enforcement Tip Line at (303) 275-5266. A reward is being offered.

The U.S. Forest Service issued a warning on Tuesday, stating that the device posed a significant public safety concern.

“The safety of the public and our employees is our highest concern,” said Laura Mark, Forest Service special agent in charge for the Rocky Mountain Region. “Anyone who has information about this is encouraged to contact the Forest Service law enforcement officials.”

Mark advises individuals who find any type of booby trap to:

  • Document the location — with latitude and longitude, if available;
  • While at the site, try to report the device to the nearest Forest Service office, which can be found here:;
  • Follow the Forest Service directions;
  • If the Forest Service cannot be contacted, conspicuously mark the site to warn other trail users or carefully remove the device.

The AMA also requests that information be emailed to Please include the location of the device – a description of the device, the date of discovery and any other information deemed important or appropriate.

“Such acts are deplorable,” said Wayne Allard, AMA vice president of government relations. “No matter what is motivating the people behind this, endangering the safety of innocent individuals is unacceptable.”

Allard called for harsh punishment for the perpetrators when they are identified.