The 6th Annual Quail Motorcycle Gathering will take place on May 17th in Carmel, CA from 10:00 am – 3:30 pm. This annual celebration of the past, present and future of motorcycling is renown for the quality of the machines on display. With categories running the gamut of motorcycling, attendees can expect to see some astounding motorcycles. To further the theme of family involvement that plays so prominently in Why We Ride, the producer/director of the film, Bryan H. Carroll, has decided to award the first Why We Ride Award at the Quail Motorcycle Gathering.

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The Why We Ride Award will be given to the motorcycle that earns the most votes from the children attending the event. All kids under 12 will be able to vote for the bike that most inspires them to ride. Any of the bikes on display, regardless of make, model, or category, will be eligible for the award.

“We are thrilled to engage children in the motorcycle experience,” says producer/director Bryan H. Carroll. “Children and families were featured prominently in Why We Ride, and we felt that an award that focuses on children was the perfect way to inspire the next generation of riders.”

The creative folks behind Why We Ride will be present along with some of the movie’s stars. Attendees will have a great opportunity to meet some of the influential people who’ve helped shape motorcycling’s past a set it on its current course into the future. Additionally, clips from the movie will be shown in the Why We Ride booth.

MO has attended the Quail Motorcycle Gathering in the past, and this year we will have motorcycle historian Tod Rafferty on-site to provide coverage. He’ll have a ton of bike to look at. The categories are: Antique, Japanese, European, British, Competition On/Off Road, American, Custom/Modified, Scooter, and 100 Years of Speed Trials at the Bonneville Salt Flats. We can’t wait to see what Rafferty has to tell us about these machines!

This year’s honoree in the gathering’s “Legends of the Sport” series will be four-time 500cc World Champion, Eddie Lawson. Inducted into theMotorcycle Hall of Fame in 1999, Lawson won GP titles in 1984. 1986, 1988, and 1989 in addition to his 1981 and 1982 AMA Superbike number one plates.

2014 Quail Motorcycle Gathering To Honor Eddie Lawson

Tickets are $75 and include lunch, parking and gear valet service. Order at the Quail Motorcycle Gathering website.

[Source: Why We Ride and Quail Motorcycle Gathering] Image courtesy of Quail Motorcycle Gathering.