Here’s an interesting idea: Since exhaust notes are beautiful music to motorcyclists, why not play music from a speaker shaped like an exhaust tip? Well, moto-fans, Braaper has announced a limited time opportunity to buy the Braaper Bluetooth music player at a discount via the crowdfunding portal Limoney.

Born of a collaboration between Maurizio Di Mauro, a web technologies entrepreneur, inventor, and motocrosser (with 30 years experience), and well-known Italian designer, Paolo Di Mauro, the Braaper is more than your typical Bluetooth speaker/speakerphone. When you turn it on, it plays the sound of a revving motocross engine. Turn the volume all the way up, and the engine maxes out against the rev-limiter – all while shaped like a racing exhaust tip. Turn it off, and the engine shuts down.

Also, like with racing, there’s a stock version Braaper and one built to racing specifications. The stock version shares the sound output hardware which is wrapped in a stylish exterior. However, the racing version features a CMC machined aluminum chassis wrapped in carbon fiber. Both models are shockproof and waterproof. If you’re partial to dual exhausts, you can buy two Braaps and enjoy true stereo sound.

Braaper Race Version

Mmmm, carbon fiber…

“As it happens in the racing world, we have designed two versions: a stock and a racing version. Both offer an outstanding sound quality: to achieve this, we collaborated with the R&D team of MotocrossLAB, giving birth to a high level product for the quality and the technology it employs and for its unusual design,” says Maurizio Di Mauro.

The choice of Limoney for the crowdfunding of the project was that, aside from helping to fund this particular project, Limoney would help them spread the word about the Riders for Riders Association and the campaign to help support associations for injured riders.

To find out more, visit the Braaper website or go directly to the Limoney Braaper page.

[Source: Braaper]