All motorcyclists know that car drivers not paying attention is a major hazard to riders. However, the general public may not be so cognizant. So, the proactive folks at the American Motorcyclist Association have stepped up to remind drivers of their responsibility to look for motorcyclists out on the road. As part of Motorcycle Awareness Month, the AMA is increasing its efforts to remind drivers that motorcycles are everywhere.

With support from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the AMA has helped transmit those familiar slogans seen on bumper stickers, t-shirts and billboards: “Watch out for motorcycles.” “Look twice, save a life.” “Share the road.” But that’s not enough.

Drivers are increasingly distracted while behind the wheel, and with spring in the air, more riders are taking to the streets with those drivers.

“Too many drivers become cocooned in their own world and fail to notice a motorcyclist in the lane beside them or in oncoming traffic as they are making a turn,” said Rob Dingman, AMA president and CEO. “Motorcycle Awareness Month is an campaign to remind other motorists to look around, check your mirrors and intersections, then check again before beginning a lane change or turn.”

Riders don’t get off the hook, either. The AMA wants them to remember the importance of wearing proper safety gear and keeping tuned up on safe riding techniques.

[Source: AMA]