Nilox, the official action camera sponsor for the World Superbike series, has provided this clip of a lap around the Assen circuit in the Netherlands. “The Cathedral of Speed,” as it’s known, is a fan favorite because of its rich history. Its layout has also lent itself to some spectacular racing over the years. Come along with Giuliano Rovelli, President of Parkin Go, former race team owner, avid race fan, and former racer himself, as he takes us on a lap of the circuit.

Riding a Honda CBR1000RR fitted with a multitude of Nilox cameras, including one attached to a boom which swivels around his helmet, we get a dramatic edit of Rovelli lapping at speed. The video also shows a small glimpse of his body movements, as well as the lean angles modern sportbikes are capable of. It’s a cool effect, that boom-mounted camera, but we imagine it must get distracting after a while. Either way, it makes for an entertaining video, although the constant jump cuts can get a little dizzying at times. Enjoy.