American Motorcycle Manufacturer Travertson, the same folks who brought you the V-REX, which we’ve reviewed before is in the process of making The Travertson Trike.

In a press release issued by Travertson, we know the trike will have a four-cylinder engine, automatic transmission, reverse and large cargo space. Christian Travert, the company’s namesake, even touts the trike will be a capable handler, able to carry two people.

Travertson is a boutique manufacturer, building up to 50 bikes a year for high-end and very specific customers. Known for his distinct designs, the trike promises to be every bit as unique, as “Travertson takes an artist’s approach to its products, balancing beauty with performance.” Like Travertson’s other models, the customer will have the opportunity to directly interact with Travertson, meaning they can have a very personal customization experience. No two models will be exactly alike and the customer can have a very hands-on interaction with their bike or trike from start to finish. Just look at the V-Rex above for proof.

Other details are still scarce at the moment. For more information, visit