Since April is Check Your Helmet MonthHarley MotorClothes sent us a little reminder to perform this vital task. They also took the opportunity to reveal a few new helmets in their line.

As riders, we all try to keep our helmets looking shiny and new. It’s the best way to get the most out of the investment in our helmets. However, the expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam that provides the protection in a crash degrades over time. The act of donning and doffing our lids gradually compresses the EPS liner, reducing its shock absorption capability. Additionally, time degrades the suppleness of the EPS. With this in mind, replacing your noggin protector every 3–5 years is a good idea. If your helmet has had even just a single impact – no matter how slight – thank it for doing its job and put it out to pasture.

Passing Link Hybrid Ultra-Light Half Helmet

Passing Link Hybrid Ultra-Light Half Helmet

To make saying good by to your retiring helmet a little easier, Harley MotorClothes has some new lids to consider. Men who like half helmets should take a gander at the Passing Link Hybrid Ultra-Light Half Helmet which utilizes a fibreglass and aramid shell construction that the MC folks claim to be 1.6 oz. lighter than traditional fiberglass shells. The Ultra-Light is available in sizes XS – 2XL.

Vision Modular Helmet

Vision Modular Helmet with Retractable Sun Shield

The Vision Modular Helmet with Retractable Sun Shield gives men full-face protection with an integrated flip-down sun shield. The scratch-resistant clear exterior shield is easily replaceable. The removable, washable, antibacterial liner wicks moisture away from the rider, keeping him cool. Ventilation assists in the cooling comfort. Finally, the helmet’s modular design features a compartment for some third party Bluetooth communication systems. avAailable in sizes XS – 2XL.

Womens Diva II Helmet

Womens Diva II Helmet

The Womens Diva II Helmet adds a flip-up face shield to its half-helmet design. It is available in XS – XL sizes.

Helmet with Retractable Sun Shield

3/4 Helmet with Retractable Sun Shield

Women also have a new 3/4 Helmet with Retractable Sun Shield to sample. Utilizing a convenient integrated sunshield, this helmet also offers an outer face shield with 95% UV protection. The helmet has a ventilation system and a removable, washable, antibacterial liner. Available in XS – 2XL sizes.

[Source: Harley MotorClothes]