The Baja 1000 is a grueling and demanding race for both man and machine. You never know what the desert is going to throw at you, and danger lurks at every corner. To complete it is an accomplishment, to win is extraordinary. In the Baja Social Club, the story of the Baja 1000 is told through the eyes of some Baja legends, gathered together for possibly the last time.

The video below is a just a teaser for the movie, but based on it alone, the film should be something amazing. Yes, mainly four-wheelers are featured, but the one very notable exception is the reason it’s being included here: Malcolm Smith. If you’ve seen the film On Any Sunday then the accolades that go with the Malcolm Smith name are obvious. Perhaps the greatest off-road rider and racer of his generation, the things he could do on a motorcycle were almost incomprehensible. The stories he has of Baja surely are things many of us would pay to hear.

Three years in the making, Baja Social Club gathers its stars “to rediscover themselves on a 1200-mile journey to their collective soul.” Anyone who is a fan of off-road racing should be eagerly awaiting this film’s release, as it just might be the next great racing movie.