No matter what you ride, having a little extra space is nice to have. Sure saddlebags and top cases are helpful, but when storing smaller items like phones, wallets, garage door openers, or a first aid kit, sometimes they can get lost in the expanse of your average saddlebag. That’s where the MotoPocket comes in handy.

From the makers of Adventure Pockets, Moto Pockets are clever little bags that attach to a variety of motorcycles via patent pending adhesive pads from 3m. The big benefit here is that they are reusable, meaning you can transfer them between motorcycles if you need to. Made in the USA from 600 Denier Polyester, Moto Pockets are only available in black, but come in different shapes and sizes for virtually every kind of two-wheeler out there. Different versions also feature netting to allow you to easily distinguish between items.

For club-style bikes, the Pistol Pockets T-Bar is a custom-made storage bag for club-style bikes.  Four Velcro straps easily attach the Pistol Pockets T-Bar bag to the front or back of T-handlebar and its riser bars.

The T-Bar is just one of ten different styles of Moto Pockets. To see the full list of offerings, visit