Logos Technologies has received a small business innovation grant to develop a hybrid electric motorcycle for the U.S. military. The grant was provided by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the U.S. Department of Defence‘s agency in charge of developing new technologies for military use.

Fairfax, Virginia-based Logos is teaming up with San Francisco-based electric motorcycle maker BRD to develop the vehicle, an off-road capable two-wheel-drive hybrid motorcycle. The project calls for multifuel capability, allowing the motorcycle to use the different types of fuel the military uses for other deployed vehicles, as well as a silent-running stealth electric mode. Logos will develop the hybrid power system while BRD will develop the rest of the motorcycle.

“Quieted, all-wheel-drive capability at extended range in a lightweight, rugged, single-track vehicle could support the successful operations of U.S. expeditionary and special forces in extreme terrain conditions and contested environments,” says Wade Pulliam, manager of advanced concepts at Logos Technologies. “With a growing need to operate small units far from logistical support, the military may increasingly rely on adaptable, efficient technologies like this hybrid-electric motorcycle.”

The Logos-BRD project isn’t the only stealth military motorcycle option being considered. The U.S. Military has been testing a Zero MMX electric motorcycle designed for use by the U.S. Special Operations Forces. The Zero motorcycle is all-electric however, and the Logos-BRD’s hybrid motorcycle may be more useful for longer-range missions.

[Source: Logos Technologies]