The intriguing Motus MST is getting closer to production. A couple of weeks ago we brought you First Ride impressions of an MST prototype, which revealed its V-4 engine – basically half a Corvette V-8 – was set to shortly begin its emissions certification. Well now those tests are underway.

In the image above, we see a Motus test mule placed on the dyno at a certified EPA/CARB test lab. What you don’t see is the process the bike has to go through. The bike will run for 14 hours a day, for several days, to make sure the Motus is in compliance. From there, the results get sent to the appropriate governing bodies, and assuming everything checks out, Motus will be given the green light to start shipping motorcycles.

Motus dyno chart

While the bikes were on the dyno, Motus has also revealed the power outputs of both the MV4 and MV4R. The former put out 165 hp at 7600 rpm and 123 ft-lbs at 5000 rpm, while the latter cranked out 180 hp at 8200 rpm and 126 at 5000 rpm. Those are great numbers for any motorcycle, and that healthy torque number should be great for a sport-touring rig. One that very likely will have its bags loaded and a passenger on the back.

If you’re going to be in Austin this weekend for MotoGP weekend, come by the turn 13 area where Motus will have its bikes on display. There’s even a mention of “something else we’ve been working on” which could be on display.

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