Back for its third year, the BC2BC–2014, “All Electric Vehicle Rally”, pits three classes of electric vehicles against each other on a trip from Baja California to British Columbia for 1500 miles of electric powered goodness playing out on August 10–17, 2014. While there are two classes of cars (based on their relative range), the news we’re excited about is the inclusion of a motorcycle class.

The rules for the Motorcycle Class are simple: “all street legal bikes, no restrictions to battery size.” We can’t wait to see what the developers of these bikes do to increase their range while minimizing recharging time. We all know that racing, in any form, is about pushing technology, and in a class of motorcycles as young as electrics, big changes are happening at a rapid pace.

The event schedule looks like this:

STAGE I – August 10, 2014 – 641 miles MINIMUM – Long Beach, California area start, meet at 8am, 12 noon start

STAGE II – August 12, 2014 – 637 miles MINIMUM – San Francisco, California area, meet at 1pm, 2pm start

STAGE III – August 15, 2014 – 173 miles MINIMUM – Portland, Oregon area, meet at 8am, 9am start

STAGE IV – August 16, 2014 – 140 miles MINIMUM – Seattle, Washington area, meet at 8am, 9am start

Rally End – August 17, 2014  – Vancouver, British Columbia area

For more information, check out the BC2BD–2014 website.