Sure, riding in the canyons with your friends is good fun. We get that. But riding over your head is just plain stupid, not to mention dangerous. Take this video for example, where the rider is just lucky to be alive.

Here we see a rider following someone who we might assume is his friend. Fast forward to 2:20 and suddenly impatience takes over and blatant passes in the opposite lane of traffic start occurring. From here you just know we have the makings of a disaster.

Sure enough with a misjudged radius  and some target fixation on a car coming right at him, you can probably guess what happens next isn’t pretty. Check out the video below to see what a first-person view of falling down a 40-foot cliff looks like. Spoiler alert: it’s not fun.

Miraculously, the rider walked away. And his bike doesn’t even appear to be too badly damaged, either. He got lucky, but his misfortune should serve as a constant reminder to keep your cool each time you ride.