Brammo announced a new lease program for the Empulse and Empulse R with monthly payments starting at less than $300.

The new arrangement allows customers to lease a Brammo Empulse electric motorcycle by paying an initial down payment and a monthly lease payment over either a 36-month or 48-month term. At the end of the lease, customers may return the Empulse, giving Brammo responsibility for the resale value. Brammo also offers a five-year battery warranty which will more than cover the length of a lease.

As an example, a customer can lease a $18,995 Brammo Empulse R by paying a 13% down payment of $2,469 and a monthly payment of $299 for a 48-month lease or $325 for a 36-month lease. Similarly, a $16,995 Brammo Empulse can be leased with a 13% down payment of 2,209 with monthly payments of $269 for 48 months or $299 for 36 months (costs exclude taxes, titles and fees while actual lease rates may vary based on the customer’s credit rating.)

“Today’s announcement once again demonstrates our absolute confidence in Brammo products. Customers can now ride a Brammo and know with confidence what that experience will cost over the next three or four years,” says Craig Bramscher, founder and chief executive officer of Brammo. “We are very excited to be introducing this ground breaking lease program on behalf of our customers.”

[Source: Brammo]