You know the situation, you’ve just pulled off the road (with your bike loaded for your three week long tour) to take a photo of the epic scenery when you realize that, once you’ve left the pavement, the soil is too sandy to support your bike on a side stand. Experienced motorcyclists will plan ahead and carry a metal or plastic plate or simply resort to crushing an aluminum can (soda not beer so you don’t get cited for an open container). The good folks at Aerostich have got iPhone users covered with their new Sidestand Plate App. For only $0.99, keeping your expensive motorcycle from tipping over in sand or mud is only a tap away. It even has a built-in database of motorcycles for appropriate plate sizing. Aerostich claims that the app will also keep your sidestand from digging a hole in hot tar. With an up to 18 hour run time, you can safely park your bike all day – although who’d want to wait that long before riding.

The app is also available for KindlesNooks and Surfaces from their respective application stores. An Android version is in development.

Aerostich recommends using the optional Gorilla-Glass screen protector ($437.00) in conjunction with this app. For more information, see the Aerostich website.

[Source: Aerostich]