It looks like the answer to “what’s the ultimate go-anywhere all-terrain motorcycle?” can be found in Russia. And no, we’re not talking about Urals. The motorcycle you see here may not go very fast, but as you can see, it can go practically anywhere.

Now, I don’t know Russian, so anybody who knows more about this thing please feel free to chime in below. But what I can tell is it’s two-wheel drive and has giant inner tubes for tires. In the video, the rider easily climbs a set of stairs, then heads into the woods for a little off-road riding. Then, when he’s reached an embankment, he simply uses the bike as a ladder, picks the bike up, and carries on.

It’s definitely a cool little bike, and when you’re all done you can wash the bike off in a lake. Better still, the rusty metal plates snap apart and disassemble into two bags. Then you’re free to toss them in the back of your Fiat Panda and head home.